Termination request email sent to approvers

A Termination request email sent to an approver will contain information regarding the termination.

The email includes:

  • Termination Date: the employee's last day.
  • Termination Type: involuntary (employee was laid off, fired) or voluntary (employee quit)
  • Reason for Termination: entered by requesting manager
  • Mark as terminated on payroll?: If the company has synced payroll, should this employee be removed from the payroll system?

If the employee was previously on benefits, the termination request email will also include:

  • Remove from company benefits? Has the manager requested that the employee be removed from benefits?
  • Offer COBRA?: Has the manager requested that Zenefits send this employee's COBRA coverage to COBRA Complete?
  • Pay COBRA for: Does the manager want the company to cover one or more months of the employee's COBRA? If so, for how long?
  • Unused PTO Hours and Balance to be added to final paycheck: If the employee has unused PTO and works in a state that requires payout of unused PTO, this amount must be added to their final paycheck.

Finally, if the employee was a manager, the request will detail their direct reports, and the new manager for these reports.

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