Email sent to approver for transfer or salary change request

Transfer and salary requests may be combined or sent separately, depending on the designated approver's scope of approval.

Salary Change Request

A Salary change request will include current and requested values for the employee's salary.

  • Salary Change: Current Salary - New Salary

Transfer Request

A Transfer request will include current and requested values for one or more of the following:

  • Manager Change: Current Manager - New Manager
  • Department Change: Current Department - New Department
  • Title Change: Current Title - New Title
  • Location Change: Current Work Location - New Work Location
  • Hire Date Change: Current Hire Date - New Hire Date
  • Employment Type (FT, PT, Change: Current Type - New Type
    • If FT - PT: Whether or not requester has asked that the company cover this employee's COBRA; if so, for how long.

If the employee was a manager, or is becoming a manager through this transfer, any changes to their current or new reports will be listed as well.

If the approver's scope of approval includes both Salary and Transfer requests, both requests may be combined in the same email. If not, Salary and Transfer requests are sent in separate emails to the appropriate approvers.

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