Delete existing codes in payroll

In some cases (such as provider-administered codes in Paychex or "hooked" codes in ADP), you might need to create new ones specifically for Zenefits when mapping deduction codes in Zenefits, but there's no need to delete codes that are already in payroll. Zenefits just needs to know which codes to use.

However, for each employee who had previous deductions for the same type of benefit using an older code that is isn't mapped to Zenefits, make sure to either enter zeros for the unused code, or delete it from the employee (not the payroll account) entirely to prevent them from being overdeducted. Learn more about zeroing out deduction codes in payroll.

*Administrators must also zero out/remove any deductions right before terminating or right after rehiring an employee. This is to ensure that deductions assigned to the employee's terminated profile are not sent to the rehired one.

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