Why should I zero out deduction codes in payroll?

Zenefits will not push changes to deductions in payroll that aren't mapped in Zenefits. When you're mapping deduction codes, if your employees have prior amounts in payroll for any deduction codes that aren't mapped to Zenefits, you'll need to either enter zeros ("zero out") for those codes, or delete the codes entirely from each employee. Otherwise, employees will continue to be deducted in payroll for those amounts.

For example, if you had two Medical codes (MDCL1 & MDCL2), and MDCL1 is mapped to Zenefits:

  • Each employee with Medical coverage through Zenefits should be assigned the MDCL1 code in payroll.
  • If any of these employees also had prior Medical deduction amounts under the MCDL2 code, those amounts should be changed to $0 in payroll for each employee, or the code itself should be removed from the employees.

See this page for instructions on how to zero out or remove unmapped codes in payroll.

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