The overview page is designed to provide you with any key information at a glance - such as tasks requiring your attention, pending updates requiring action, and important payroll dates.

Keep your payroll up to date.

This banner provides the number of tasks required to complete that will impact you while processing your payroll. Here’s a list and explanation of the potential messages you may see:

  • Payroll Integration Status: if undergoing a provider switch in Zenefits, this will show the status of your setup until complete
  • Confirm or Update your company Pay Schedule: Ensuring the pay schedule(s) in Zenefits matches the schedule in the payroll provider allows us to effectively integrate your information accurately.
  • Complete Deduction Mapping: your workers’ benefits will not sync over to payroll until this is complete. This notice means there are deduction codes waiting to be mapped.
  • Enter Payroll IDs: changes & deductions use the payroll ID to update the correct profile. Be sure all workers you wish to connect to your payroll provider have the correct payroll ID from payroll.
  • Payroll Cutoff Date near: Ensure your payroll is up-to-date when the payroll cutoff date is approaching.
  • Outstanding Updates that need to be completed manually: list of any outstanding manual tasks to be updated in your payroll system. If you have Pay Connect Sync, this will include all items not supported by the automation.

Workers With Pending Updates 

This section provides you with an ‘at a glance’ overview of the amount of updates to be completed. Changes include adding workers to payroll, deduction changes, salary & position changes, syncing hours to payroll and terminations. Clicking on the View All links will send you to the Updates tab, with a list of all changes. 

Important Dates 

Company Pay Schedules: The calendar is based on the company pay schedule (CPS) as entered in the Settings section of the app. Zenefits relies on the information provided by you to help them stay up to date - so make sure this reflects your company’s pay schedule in payroll. The default setting is Biweekly for all worker types and can be changed at any time. Up to 2 company pay schedules will be displayed with this calendar. 
Key Dates: As with the calendar, Key Dates are based on the company pay schedule as configured by the payroll Administrator. We display information such as Pay Periods, Check Dates, and upcoming holidays to help you stay on top of your tasks.

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