Checklist for switching between synced payroll providers

1. Make sure your new payroll provider is supported by our sync. 
Note: Only ADP and Paychex are supported with new Pay Connect sync setup. If switching, you'll also have the option to use our limited sync with Gusto.

2. Verify that all of your employee information is accurate in Zenefits AND in either ADP or Paychex. 
  • Everything must be correct in both places before the sync is switched. 
Please note: We do not assist with third party payroll setup. Prior to initiating the sync, make sure all information is up to date in BOTH systems. We cannot resolve discrepancies caused by switching between switched payroll accounts. 

3. Set up a Zenefits user in your new payroll account. 
  • Reach out to Zenefits Customer Care for info on how to do this.
4. Switch Provider & Sync
  • Click on your Pay Connect app and select Switch Provider
  • Then, scroll to the bottom and click Sync Now to start the process. 

PLEASE NOTE: Changes made in Zenefits during the processing time for the sync change may not be sent. It is important to complete the above steps before initiating the switch from your dashboard so the processing time is minimized. 

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