Can I set up Pay Connect Sync with an S Corp?

Before syncing payroll with ADP or PayChex, administrators of S Corps should decide whether to have Zenefits manage benefits costs for their their more than 2% shareholders (owners) in Zenefits.

  1. First, identify the owners so that Zenefits knows who they are.
  2. Then, decide whether Zenefits should push their benefits costs as S Corp income to payroll.
    • If yes, just choose "Yes, manage their benefits costs as S-Corp income." See this page for information on how Zenefits manages S Corp Income.
    • If no, please contact Support to ensure pre-tax deductions are not pushed to payroll for these owners. Zenefits will not push deductions for these owners, so you'll need to manage these directly in payroll.
  3. Alternatively, see these instructions to set up Pay Connect Checklist.

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