Can I use two-factor authentication with Pay Connect?

Two factor authentication, also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a two-step process for login authentication that requires a user to prove their identity through two different, independent methods. Adding a Zenefits User to payroll helps to preserve two-factor authentication on the payroll account and ensure a successful sync.

Examples of Two-factor Authentication

For example:

  • Zenefits will ask for an authorization code when an administrator logs into Zenefits on a new computer or after clearing the browser cookies and cache.
  • Payroll providers often ask for a phone number or email during account setup. When an administrator or other authorized user logs in to the account, they'll be asked to provide a security code sent to this number or email to verify their identity. Without this code, the user can't log into the account, even if they have the right password and user name.

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