Using Zenefits Pay Connect with Gusto

With the increased focus on data security and privacy protection happening broadly all over the world, Zenefits and Gusto have both taken steps to review customer account security and data exchange in our partnership. This means that Zenefits will adhere to the requirements that Gusto has in place for collecting information from other systems. The requirements that Gusto has built out do not include some of the fields that Zenefits was previously sending to Gusto on your company's behalf.

What does this change mean for me?

Some of the information that was previously automatically pushed to Gusto through Pay Connect will now need to be manually entered & updated.

What fields will automatically sync to Gusto still?

For a detailed breakdown of the fields that Zenefits can and cannot send to Gusto, see our chart below.

This is a huge inconvenience for me, and a big reason as to why we used Zenefits. Why should I remain a customer?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with systems updates and changes. This change is being made to improve the security, privacy, and stability of the data exchange with Gusto.

Zenefits Field Sends to Gusto?
First Name (legal name) Y
Preferred Name Y
Middle Name Y
Last Name (legal name) Y
Hire Date Y
Home Address (Line 1, Line 2) Y
Zip Code Y
Federal Filing Status N
Work Location State Filing Status N
Federal Withholding Allowance N
Federal Extra Tax N
Work Location Tax State Extra Tax N
Work Location Tax State N
Department N
I-9 Info N
Residence Tax State N
Residence State Filing Status N
Residence State Withholding Allowance N
Residence State Additional Withholding N
Residence State Local Withholding Allowance N
Residence State Additional Local Withholding N
Certification Of Non Residence For Tax State N
Local Tax  N
FICA Exempt N
Pay Rate Y
Compensation Type Y
Primary Account (Direct Deposit) N
Additional Accounts (Direct Deposit) N
Payment Method Y
Account Number N
Routing Number N
Account Type N
Terminated /Active Y
PTO Data (if you use Zenefits T&A) Y
Termination Date Y
Change Effective Date Y
Ownership Y
Employee Deductions (including 401k) Y
Employer Contributions (including 401k) Y
Please note that at this time Zenefits cannot sync any contingent worker type other than intern.

What if I have a Multi Tenant Account in Gusto?

If you have been using Zenefits Pay Connect with Gusto Multi Tenant Accounts, you may run into issues during reauthentication. The new API is unable to recognize which Gusto acc... Learn more

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