New Hires Without SSNs and Pay Connect

Though new hires without SSNs can complete their onboarding, Zenefits can't add them to payroll until they receive their SSN. Services in Zenefits that require an SSN will not be available to these workers until they provide an SSN. This restriction applies to Zenefits Payroll and Pay Connect.

  • Zenefits will display alerts to both the worker (in their Dashboard) and their administrator to remind them of the missing SSN.
  • Anyone without a SSN at time of hire can enter an estimated date when they'll receive the SSN. If this date has passed but the individual doesn't enter their new SSN, Zenefits will send regular reminders to their administrator. Administrators will receive regular reminder emails 3 days before payroll is due.
  • Once they enter an SSN, the worker will be pushed to payroll as normal.

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