New Hire Payroll Settings for ADP Workforce

Companies who sync an ADP Workforce payroll account with Zenefits can assign Workforce-specific settings for each new hire in Zenefits.

Available settings include:

  • Payroll Department: These options match the departments in payroll, and may differ from the departments set up in Zenefits.

  • File Number: Zenefits can use either the File Numbers that are automatically generated in WorkForce, or a custom number entered during the hiring flow. Learn more.

  • Workforce Job Title, Business Unit, Business Location, and NAICS Worker’s Compensation Code: Any or all of these fields can be enabled. Available options for each enabled field will include the range of options available in payroll. 

New hire information will be available in ADP Workforce Now 2 days before the hire date, or immediately if the hire date is in the past. Terminations, Employee info, and Deduction updates will be synced on the same date that the updates occur, or the effective date of that update.  

For more information regarding what ADP Workforce Now Fields sync with Zenefits, please reference this page.  

Companies that use Workforce Time and Attendance can choose to add relevant fields to Zenefits as well. If the answer to Uses Time and Attendance? is True, additional settings can be selected:

  • Workforce Badge Number, if applicable

  • Workforce Pay Class

  • Is this person a Supervisor? (Yes / No)

    • If Yes, select a optional supervisor from the Workforce Supervisor list populated by supervisors in payroll.

    • If No, a supervisor must be selected from the Workforce Supervisor list.

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