New Hire Didn't Show in Payroll

Companies that use Pay Connect should have a new hire synced to payroll within 1-2 days of the hire date. If a new hire has not synced over within 1-2 days of the hire date or does not appear on the payroll checklist, confirm the following information before contacting Support.

  • Confirm the new hire completed onboarding. All new hires must complete onboarding in Zenefits in order to sync to payroll. To check an onboarding status click the Directory app and look in the Status column.
  • Confirm that the individual has an SSN. Zenefits can't add people to payroll unless they have a valid SSN.
  • Onboard to Payroll option was selected. Zenefits won't sync the individual to payroll if this option wasn't selected when they were hired. 
  • Confirm your payroll sync is active. If your payroll sync was broken at the time the new hire completed onboarding, this could affect the hire(s) getting synced to payroll. You can check in your Inbox from your Zenefits dashboard to see if you received any messages about the status of your payroll sync. 

If the new hire completed onboarding, the Onboard to Payroll? link was selected during hiring, but they're still not in payroll, please contact Support.

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