Why do I need to add a Zenefits user to payroll?

Adding Zenefits User to payroll is safe, and provides three main benefits. It ensures the sync's success, secures sensitive information, and provides transparency into changes pushed to payroll.

  • Success: Adding a Zenefits User to the account ensures that the sync is successful by:
    • helping the sync to push to an account with two-factor authentication enabled.
    • identifying the right company in a multi-tenant account.
  • Security: By adding a Zenefits User, administrators won't need need to provide personal information or account credentials (user name and password). Since Zenefits will only have access through the Zenefits User's credentials, Administrators can disable the Zenefits User's access at any time.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The addition of a Zenefits User provides a means to determine when, why, and how changes were made to payroll through Zenefits.

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