Will my ADP Workforce Now fields sync with Zenefits?

    Zenefits will automatically sync the following fields related to New Hires, Terminations, and Employee updates to your ADP Workforce Now (WFN) account:

    • Employee personal and demographic information (first and last name, date of birth, SSN, etc.) 
    • Home address 
    • Work location
    • Employment, Salary and compensation information
    • Direct deposit information
    • Tax information (Federal, Work State and Residential)
    • Deduction information and updates (see here for more details about Managing Deductions in Zenefits)

    New hire information will be available in ADP Workforce Now 2 days before the hire date, or immediately if the hire date is in the past. Terminations, Employee info, and Deduction updates will be synced on the same date that the updates occur, or the effective date of that update. 

    Zenefits also syncs information from ADP Workforce Now on the company and employee levels. At Employee level we sync similar information from ADP WFN as we sync to it, as stated above. Below are examples of fields that get synced from ADP at company level:

    • Deduction codes 
    • State tax jurisdiction information  
    • Company codes
    • WFN Job titles
    • NAICS Worker's Compensation Code 
    • WFN Business Location 
    • WFN Business Unit 
    • WFN Worker category 
    The above information gets synced from ADP Workforce Now into Zenefits on a daily basis. 

    There are certain fields that will not be synced in the ADP Workforce Now API integration and changes to them need to be made directly in payroll, for example

    Note: If an employee is switched from a contingent worker to part-time or full-time, they will need to be terminated and rehired in Zenefits in order to sync with ADP. Interns fall under contingent workers.

    Learn how to setup your ADP Workforce Now sync here.
    Reference our other FAQ about managing Pay Connect here

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