What data will Zenefits sync to Paragon?

The following is a list of items you can expect to sync from Zenefits to Paragon each day.

Demographics  Direct Deposit Deductions Time (hours) Payroll & Taxation
SSN Effective dates Arrears Type of clocked time Payment details
Name Sequence Deduction code Hours clocked Salary/hourly rate
Address Transit/Routing number Rate Rate of pay for combination EEO Class
Contact details Account details Effective dates Employee Department FLSA Exemption
Date of birth Amount distribution Goal details Employee Project Tax Filing Status
Gender Prenote date Max/min values   Taxation details
Employment status and type   Federal & state exemptions
Hire/Rehire/Termination Date      
Cost Center info      
Workers comp code      
Default hours      
Marital Status      
Note: Zenefits does not sync the termination reason.

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