How can I cancel Pay Connect?

When payroll is unsynced, Zenefits won't push anything to payroll, and all updates (deductions, new hires, employee information, etc.) must be manually entered in payroll.

Contact Support to resolve any issues with payroll sync. In the event that canceling the sync is the right decision, keep the following things in mind:

  • If the deductions currently in payroll are wrong when the sync is canceled, they'll need to be manually updated.
  • Any new hires added in Zenefits must be manually added to payroll.
  • Any modifications to employee information (withholding amounts, address change, etc.) will be outlined in the twice-monthly digest emails.
  • Any changes to deductions will be outlined in a monthly deductions update email. These emails will describe monthly deductions amounts, which may not correspond to a company's actual pay frequency. Administrators will most likely need to manually calculate the proper per-paycheck amounts (e.g., halved for a semi-monthly frequency with two pay dates in a month).

Canceling the sync

From the Pay Connect app, navigate to the Settings tab. Under Provider Settings, change the Automation Level to Checklist, and Save and Continue. This will disconnect the sync while continuing to provide payroll relevant updates in report format.

    Resyncing payroll

    • Any modifications made in Zenefits while the company was unsynced will be pushed to payroll within 1-2 days of successful resync.
    • New hires added in Zenefits during the unsynced period will not be automatically pushed to payroll.

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