How do I change my pay schedules with Pay Connect?

If you need to make any changes to your company's payroll schedules, e.g., to switch from a semi-monthly pay frequency to a bi-weekly pay frequency, just make the change directly in your payroll account. Zenefits will detect the change(s) in payroll and update employees' pay schedules in Zenefits to match.

If you are also using Zenefits Time & Attendance, see here

If you're utilizing Pay Connect Checklist, update via the Settings page in the Pay Connect app.

If youre' on Zenefits Payroll, you'll need to reach out to Zenefits Customer to have your schedule updated with the following information:

  • Which workers would you like updated (Salary, Hourly, Both)?
  • Pay Frequency (Weekly, BiWeekly, SemiMonthly, Monthly)
  • Requested Check Dates (If BiWeekly, what day of the week?)
  • Calendar days between the last day of your pay period and the check date
  • If the check date lands on a holiday or weekend, how would you like it shifted (Before or After)?
  • The next 2 pay periods and their check dates for your company, using your desired pay schedule

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