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401(k) Connect - Empower

Who can set up the 401(k) Integration?

To set up this integration, you will need to be a Full Company or Payroll Administrator in the TriNet HR Platform system.

How can I set up the 401(k) Connect for the first time?

For Administrator:

Important note: Contact the 401(k) Provider team to express your intention of integrating with TriNet HR Platform. Request the assignment of a Resource Manager ("RM") from the 401(k) Provider, who will serve as the Point of Contact ("POC") throughout the implementation process. Please note that the integration process cannot proceed without a Resource Manager assigned.

Include the TriNet HR Platform Implementation team ( in all communications with your 401k) Provider, as they are responsible for processing your plan data from the backend.

Step 1: Begin by checking the HR Platform dashboard for the 401(k) Connect App in the disabled state.

Step 2: Click on the 401(k) Connect App and request connection.  You will need to review and accept the TriNet Integration Center Terms of Use during this process.

Step 3: Choose the 401(k) Provider from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Add the POC email. Separate with commas if adding more than one email.

Step 5: Check the  information that will be visible to the 401(k) Connect App and click on the checkbox to see the enabled request connection.

Step 6: Click on ‘Request connection’.

Step 7: You have successfully completed the request to connect and will see a reference number to track the status of your request with the TriNet HR Platform Customer Support team.

Step 8: Request the plan details from the 401(k) Provider and send the same to the TriNet HR Platform Implementation team for further processing.

What happens in the background?

• The TriNet HR Platform Implementation team processes the data within the 401(k) Connect App, who has the direct connection to the 401(k) Provider.

• The 401(k) Provider completes rounds of testing spanning over 1-3 pay cycles to test the data coming to them from TriNet HR Platform through the 401(k) Connect App.

• The 401(k) Provider provides a sign-off on the testing and allows for the integration to be completed.

• The 401(k) Connect App transitions to the connected state, initiating a smooth flow of data between the systems.

For Support

You can always reach out to our customer support team via this link.

Contact Customer Care Support Team

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