How to Set Up the Sage Intacct Accounting Integration

Step 1

In order to sync successfully with Sage, we recommend taking the time to set up some of the following areas in Zenefits:

  • Labor Fields including location, department, position, projects, and any custom groups.
  • Pay Items including earnings, taxes, deductions, contributions, and garnishments.
Once you've set up these fields in Zenefits, you can continue to the integration setup steps in Sage.

Step 2

  1. Create a web service user. Steps are linked here.
  2. Authorize access to the Sender ID. Zenefits’ Sender ID is ZenefitsMPP (case sensitive).
  3. Check if the Sender ID has access permissions by following these steps.
    1. Log in to Sage Intacct.
    2. Click on Company, then Company Info.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Click the Security tab.
    5. Scroll down to the section titled Web Services Authorizations.
    6. Add your Sender ID to this section.
    7. Save.

Step 3

  1. From your Zenefits admin account, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard.
  2. Click Add an App.
  3. Select Sage Intacct from the Payroll Accounting section.
  4. Authorize the integration.
  5. Enter your authentication details.
  6. Enter your GL Type Code.
  7. Map your accounts by matching an item from Zenefits Work Group to a Sage Intacct Dimension.
  8. Save.

Step 4

After the sync has been completed, you’ll need to map all of your earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes in the General Ledger.

  1. From your Zenefits admin account, click on the newly installed Sage Intacct tile on your dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit Mappings link.
  3. Click the Start Mapping link to set up your mapping.
  4. Add any labor fields you use to the chart by selecting them from the dropdown.
  5. Once your chart of mappings is configured, you’ll click Add Row.
  6. You’ll then begin adding the mappings in by matching the field on the left to its Zenefits type in the type ahead field on the right.
    For example, if you choose Salary from the Pay Type field, you’ll then go down the line and include departments, positions, locations, etc. depending on the level of granularity you’d like to flow to Sage. You’ll also choose the appropriate Credit/Debit account for this Pay Type.
  7. Once completed with your mapping, click Publish. You can come back and edit this information at any time.

Who can use the Sage accounting integration?

The Sage accounting integration requires an administrator to have both Payroll and Integration roles, and permission to see sensitive information. Learn more

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Using the Sage Intacct Integration

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