How to Set Up Mapping for the Sage Intacct Accounting Integration

Once the Sage Intacct accounting integration has been installed, an administrator with the integrations role enabled can set up the mapping.

  1. From your Zenefits admin account, click on the Sage Intacct app tile.
  2. On the Overview page, beneath the Account Integration section, click Edit Accounts.
  3. On the mappings page, you'll set up the table with your company's Earnings, Deductions, Contributions and Taxes.
  4. For each of the 4 tabs, you'll select the Add Mapping link at the bottom.
  5. In the pop up, select the Pay Types (these will feed over from Pay Types in Payroll Settings).
  6. Next, choose the applicable labor groups associated with the selected Pay Types (these will feed over from Labor Groups set up in the Company Profile).
  7. Finally, choose the Debit/Credit account associated (these will feed over from Sage Intacct).
  8. Once you click Add, the mapping will be saved as a row in the chart.
  9. After all the necessary mappings have been completed, click Publish to save.
To see if any mappings haven't been set up, you may click the link in the blue banner above the chart to download a report of the missing mappings.

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