FAQs About Using Xero with Zenefits Payroll

If you'd like to unsync Xero from Zenefits Payroll:

  1. Go into payroll and click Settings.
  2. In the "General" list, click Organization.
  3. Under "Software Integrations", click Remove next to the Xero logo.

If you've chosen to manually export pay run information from Zenefits Payroll to Xero, you can do so after the pay run is processed for payment (and shows up in the Paid table).

To manually export a pay run to Xero:

  1. Log in to Zenefits, and click on the Payroll app.
  2. Click Pay Runs.
  3. Click on the run's name in the Paid table.
  4. Click Export to Xero under the list of people in the run.

Once you've synced your Xero and Zenefits Payroll accounts, you can choose to have Zenefits Payroll automatically export payroll information to Xero, or you can do it manually:

  1. Log in to Zenefits, and click on the Payroll app.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Edit Accounts next to the Xero logo.
  4. Choose Yes or No for "Should Zenefits automatically sync your pay runs?".

The change will take effect immediately. However, if you choose "Yes", Zenefits Payroll will automatically export information for future runs only, after they're paid. You'll need to manually export historical runs to Xero.

Zenefits Payroll will only export payroll information to Xero for runs that are processed and paid. Once a run shows up in the Paid table on the Pay Runs page:

  • If you chose to have Zenefits Payroll automatically export runs, Zenefits Payroll will export information as soon as a run is processed for payment. You can expect to see it in Xero within 24 hours after it is processed.
  • If you chose to manually sync payroll information to Xero, Zenefits Payroll will only export pay run information when you click on the run in the Paid table to manually export it. You will not be able to manually export the run prior to the check date. 

To change between automatic and manual sync, see these instructions.

Zenefits Payroll will export reversal runs (to correct errors in a previous run) to Xero as manual journal entries. To find a manual journal in Xero:

  1. Log in to Xero.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Click Journal Report in the Detail Reports table.
  4. Find and click on the reversal's manual journal entry to review its details.

Alternatively, users with the Advisor role can simply click the Advisor tab, then Manual Journals. Learn more on Xero's Help Center about manual journal entries.

Regular and off-cycle runs from Zenefits Payroll show up as bills in the Purchases section of Xero. Learn more about finding and approving Zenefits Payroll runs in Xero.

In the event that Zenefits Payroll needs to run a reversal, the negative amount will be posted to a manual journal, rather than a bill. Learn more about finding and reviewing manual journals from Zenefits Payroll.

The primary difference between Basic and Advanced Mapping is the level of granularity:

  • Choose a Basic Mapping to group together different transactions of the same category (e.g., different types of reimbursements or taxes) and map them to the same account in Xero. This method is easier, but provides less granular control.
  • Chose Advanced Mapping to map each individual transaction type to its own ledger account in Xero. This method is more complex, but provides the greatest amount of control. For example, if you'd like to map Regular hourly wages to one account in Xero and PTO hours to another account, choose this option.

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