Using Xero with Zenefits Payroll Guide

Payroll administrators can export the details of each pay run (wages, expenses, taxes, etc.) from Zenefits Payroll directly to Xero, a cloud-based accounting system.

Here's a quick overview of how to connect Zenefits Payroll to Xero and export pay run information. You can also check out our FAQs for more information.

Connecting Xero to Zenefits Payroll

Follow these instructions to connect your Zenefits Payroll account to Xero. Log in to Zenefits and click in the Payroll app. Click Settings in the top menu bar. Click ... Learn more

Map Zenefits Payroll Transactions to Xero Chart of Accounts

Once you've connected Xero to Zenefits Payroll, follow these instructions to map Zenefits Payroll's transactions by type to the appropriate ledger accounts in Xero. Zenefits Pay... Learn more

Enable Payments from Zenefits Payroll to Your Xero Account

After your pay run is processed, Zenefits Payroll will send the pay run details to Xero. If you want the pay run details sent to a clearing account in Xero, you'll need to make ... Learn more

Exporting Zenefits Payroll Runs to Xero

Depending on the export option you've chosen, Zenefits Payroll will automatically export a pay run's information to Xero when the run is processed for payment or when you click ... Learn more

Reconciling Manual Checks in Xero

When employees in Zenefits Payroll are paid by paper check, Zenefits Payroll will report their net pay amounts on a separate invoice from Direct Deposit amounts. Here's how to r... Learn more

Reviewing and Approving Exported Pay Runs in Xero

Zenefits Payroll exports pay run information to synced Xero accounts as bills in the Purchases section of Xero. Here's how to review and approve each exported Zenefits Payroll p... Learn more

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