Using QuickBooks Online with Zenefits Payroll

Zenefits Payroll supports automated and manual export of pay run information to QuickBooks Online (Enterprise, Simple Start, Plus, and Essentials versions supported).

Setting Up QuickBooks Online Export

To begin using QuickBooks Online with Zenefits Payroll:

  1. First, sync the QBO account with Zenefits Payroll.
  2. Then, map Zenefits Payroll transactions to the appropriate ledger account in the Chart of Accounts so that Zenefits Payroll can post transactions to the correct ledger account. Also, choose whether or not Zenefits Payroll should automatically export completed runs.

Automatic or Manual Sync Availability

QuickBooks Online (QBO) - Manual and Automatic sync available 
QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) - Only Manual Sync available

Approving and Reconciling Runs in QuickBooks Online

After a payroll run is completed and processed for payment, QuickBooks will send an invoice notification requesting review and approval for the transactions that Zenefits Payroll synced over to QuickBooks. Once the transactions are approved, Quickbooks Online will take care of bank reconciliation.

Sync QuickBooks Online to Zenefits Payroll

To set up Zenefits Payroll to automatically or manually add completed pay runs to a QuickBooks Online account (Enterprise, Simple Start, Plus, and Essentials versions supported)... Learn more

Map Zenefits Payroll Transactions to QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts

After QuickBooks Online is synced to Zenefits Payroll for the first time, each payroll transaction in the Zenefits Payroll account must be mapped to the appropriate payroll ledg... Learn more

Manually Exporting Zenefits Payroll Runs to QuickBooks Online

To manually export a pay run to QuickBooks Online: Click Pay Runs. Click on the run's name in the Completed - Paid Runs table. Click Export to QBO under the list of employe... Learn more

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