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How many bank accounts can I add

For Administrators and Employees

Here's a table that lists the maximum number of personal bank accounts that Zenefits will allow workers to add, and the method by which they can divide their paycheck between the accounts. These limitations depend on which payroll provider your company uses.

Provider Rules for Multiple Bank Accounts in Payroll
Provider Max Number of Accounts Allowed Type of Distribution Allowed
Zenefits Payroll 10 Dollar amount or Percentage
ADP Workforce 6 (3 Checking and 3 savings) Dollar amount
Paychex 10+ Dollar amount or Percentage
Other 2 (please note that some payroll providers may only allow 1) Dollar amount

Follow these instructions to add personal bank accounts in Zenefits. If you find that you can't add more than one account, that's because your company manually manages its payroll outside of Zenefits. Talk to your administrator to set up multiple bank accounts in payroll.

If you've added additional bank accounts to your distribution, allow 2 pay cycles to have the distribution updated.

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