General Ledger

An accounting entry must be made for every business transaction—payroll or otherwise—into which a company enters. These entries are recorded in journals, also known as the company's “books of original entry.” Journals are organized by type of transaction—general, sales, purchases, cash receipts, cash disbursements, payroll, etc. 
The general ledger is used to consolidate and summarize the entries recorded in the journals. Each entry is posted to the general ledger on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the volume of transactions). Basically, the general ledger keeps a running total of all the entries and the period-to-date balance for every account in the company's accounting system.

How to set up General Ledger Mapping

To utilize Zenefits' General Ledger feature, you can take the following steps to set it up. The steps are broken into two sections: account configuration, then pay type accounts... Learn more

Why can't I add more columns in the General Ledger Mapping section?

The columns are populated from the Labor Groups section of the Company Profile app. To add or edit your company's Labor Fields setup, navigate to this section. For more informat... Learn more

Can I edit the General Ledger Mapping at any time?

You are able to edit your company's General Ledger mapping setup at any time, but be aware that this will modify all of your General Ledger reports moving forward. Learn more

Who has access to the General Ledger Mapping section?

Main Company Admins, Full Admins, and Payroll Admins will have access to the General Ledger Mapping section. Learn more

What accounting programs does Zenefits General Ledger sync with?

Zenefits supports integrations with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, and xero. However, Zenefits General Ledger reporting allows you to customize these reports to fit acco... Learn more

Can you help me determine if the reports will work with our accounting software?

As Zenefits doesn't have insight into accounting software beyond the ones we integrate with, we wouldn't be able to advise on whether our reporting would be compatible with your... Learn more

Where do I specify a bank, cash, or operating account?

You will specify bank accounts in the Credit section, along with relevant debit sections to balance all your expenses. Learn more

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