Additional Resources for Setting Up Zenefits Payroll

What is basic company information in Zenefits?

Zenefits Payroll requires some basic information to start. The company's name, as entered in Zenefits. Legal name (as on file with the IRS), which may differ from the n... Learn more

Which company locations do I need to add in Zenefits Payroll?

All of them. You will need to input any existing company addresses and office locations that your employees work from (please include remote employees, listing their home addres... Learn more

How do I add workers during Zenefits Payroll setup?

Adding Workers To add a worker, click Add Employee and provide the following basic employment information: First and Last Name Job Title Email Address Hire Date Department (c... Learn more

What is my company's entity type and ownership?

Zenefits Payroll will also need you to provide information on your company's entity type and ownership. Identify Entity Type and Owners For each type, identify either ow... Learn more

What federal tax information do I need for Zenefits Payroll setup?

You will need your federal Employer Identification Number, withholding return, and any exemptions from employment taxes. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) pageI... Learn more

What state tax information do I need for Zenefits Payroll setup?

Provide account numbers, tax rates, and any other state-specific tax information for you and your workers' home addresses and work locations. Here's a full list of tax acc... Learn more

What is a signatory in Zenefits?

There are two different kinds of signatories in Zenefits: the company signatory and the payroll signatory. For many companies, the company and payroll signatory will be the same... Learn more

How do I set up a payroll schedule in Zenefits Payroll?

You can add your pay schedule in Zenefits Payroll which will tell us how you'd like to pay your employees. For instructions on setting up a particular type of pay schedul... Learn more

Do I need to provide any bank account information for Zenefits Payroll?

Yes. You'll provide company bank information to Zenefits for payroll setup and bank account verification purposes. Each Zenefits Payroll account can have one bank account ... Learn more

How does my workforce get invited to Zenefits Payroll?

Zenefits will send email invites to your workers if they need to provide additional information. Workers who have yet to register in Zenefits will receive this email: ... Learn more

What happens to my previous payroll provider once I'm on Zenefits Payroll?

After you've successfully run payroll with Zenefits, you'll need to cancel service with your previous payroll provider. Zenefits cannot do this for you, but there's a few things... Learn more

FAQs About Setting up Zenefits Payroll

Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about setting up Zenefits Payroll. Learn more

How do I customize and confirm pay types to finish my Zenefits Payroll setup?

As part of the final steps to set up Zenefits Payroll, customize and confirm your Pay Types. Pay Types are the different ways you plan to pay your employees, their deductions fo... Learn more

Which forms and documents need to be signed to finish my Zenefits Payroll setup?

To finish applying for Zenefits Payroll, you (or your designated signatory) will need to sign a few authorization forms that allow Zenefits Payroll to file and pay your Federal ... Learn more

Update and Confirm Worker Info to Finish Zenefits Payroll Setup

When you're finishing setup for Zenefits Payroll, make sure that you've added all your current and former workers from the current year. They'll need to log in and provide their... Learn more

Do I need to upload a voided check or bank statement for Zenefits Payroll?

Yes. After Zenefits Payroll has verified your payroll bank account, you'll need to upload a voided company check for the corporate checking account you provided. Please ensure t... Learn more

How do I enter test deposits to finish my Zenefits Payroll setup?

If you chose to verify your payroll bank account using test deposits, you'll complete the verification process on the Overview page after you've completed setup for your new... Learn more

Validating Company Banking Information in Zenefits Payroll

Due to the sensitive nature of payroll, Zenefits Payroll must verify all company bank accounts associated with the account. Even if a company has previously validated a bank a... Learn more

The Payroll Overview page in Zenefits

The Payroll Overview page is the front page of Zenefits Payroll. This page gives a snapshot of upcoming runs, runs currently in processing for payment, and any runs with hourly ... Learn more

The Pay Runs page in Zenefits

Learn about Zenefits Pay Runs page.The Pay Runs page lists all Draft, Preview, Approved, and Paid payroll runs for a Zenefits Payroll account. Listed for each run are totals for... Learn more

How to adjust federal and state income tax for a pay run?

Learn about Federal Income Tax (FIT) / State Income Tax (SIT) Override. What is FIT/SIT Override? FIT/SIT (Federal and State Income Tax) Override enables payroll administrators ... Learn more

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