How does my staff get started with Zenefits payroll?

Getting started with Zenefits Payroll as a worker is easy.

Workers who are already in Zenefits and have provided all of their bank, tax, benefits enrollment, and personal information don't need to do anything!
  • Once your first payroll is run through Zenefits, your workforce will be able to access a new application on their Zenefits dashboard, Paystubs. This is where they'll be able to view and download their paystub each pay period.
  • Your workforce will also have a new section of the Documents section in their Personal Info app. This will contain all payroll related documents, such as the W-2.
Workers who don't already have a Zenefits account (e.g., new hires, or anyone from a company who is setting up Zenefits for the first time) need to register in Zenefits and enter their information.
  • These workers will have a variety of apps in their Dashboard, depending on what your company uses Zenefits for. We encourage those who are new to Zenefits to take a moment to watch our Training videos to get acquainted with the platform.

Going forward, when you make a change in Zenefits that affects payroll, the change will be updated or added in Zenefits Payroll.

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