Why does this new hire have no deductions?

In most case, a new hire's deductions haven't yet begun because their effective date(s) for benefits are in the future. Zenefits begins deductions in the paycheck that follows the effective date.

Other reasons for delayed deductions include:

  • the employee completed enrollment, but there's a delay in approval for retroactive coverage to the effective date.
  • the company just added new coverage with a retroactive effective date.
  • the company is switching carriers or adding a new line of coverage, and there is a delay in approval by the insurance carrier(s)
  • the new hire's first pay date is the 1st of the month. Payroll is always run in advance of check date, so even if the employee's benefits' effective date is the 1st as well, deductions won't show up in the first paycheck.

If for some reason deductions don’t make it into payroll on time, Zenefits will automatically calculate catch-up deductions.

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