Why does my paycheck have deductions already?

After the effective date for your benefits, Zenefits pushes your deductions amounts to payroll by check date, not pay period, for the months that you have coverage. Even if you're a new employee and you've only worked two days before you first check, you'll see part of your monthly deductions in your first paycheck after your benefits begin.

For example, assume the following:

  • A new hire starts work on September 25th.
  • In Zenefits, they enroll in Medical Insurance for an effective date of October 1st and a monthly deduction of $100.
  • This employee is paid on a semi-monthly basis (2 pay dates: 15th and end of month).

The employee's first pay period is Sept 25th - October 8th. They'll receive their first paycheck on the 15th of October. Since this date is after their effective date for Medical, their first paycheck will include half of their monthly Medical deductions ($50) for October coverage, and the second half in their second paycheck for October.

For more information, see this guide on how Zenefits calculates per-paycheck deductions amounts.

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