Imputed Income for Bundled Life and AD&D Plans

For employees enrolled in both a Life plan and an AD&D plan, imputed income applies only for the volume of the Life plan. There is no imputed income for AD&D coverage.

If the AD&D and Life plans are:

  • bundled and have the same volume, imputed income is calculated using this volume as if it were a single Life plan. In other words, for bundled Basic or Voluntary Life and AD&D plan with volumes of $60,000 for each, only $60,000 is used for imputed income calculations, not $120,000 (the combined volume for both).
  • with separate volumes, or separate plans, imputed income is calculated only on the Life plan's volume. For example, if an employee has a Basic Life volume of 100,000 and an AD&D volume of $50,000, only the $100,000 volume is used to calculate imputed income.

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