Why do I need to enter in an AD&D rate when loading a bundled voluntary life plan?

In order to calculate the cost of life coverage in a voluntary life plan that is bundled with AD&D, Zenefits needs to know the separate cost for AD&D. 

This is also essential for calculating imputed income, where applicable. If your bundled voluntary life/AD&D plan does not have an AD&D rate entered, Zenefits will not calculate imputed income for enrolled employees. 

AD&D rates can be entered in 2 ways: 

  • By your company's benefits administrator, during your renewal 
  • By contacting Zenefits, if in the middle of a plan year 
AD&D rates can ant from most voluntary life rates, which vary based on the enrollee's age. 

If your bundled life/AD&D plan offers AD&D only to employees, enter $0 for the AD&D rate for spouses and children. If AD&D is offered to spouses but not children, enter $ 0 for spouses. This will result in the correct calculation for voluntary life premiums, and therefore imputed income can be correctly calculated, if applicable. AD&D rates are typically not age-banded; in other words, there is a single rate per employee, per spouse, and per child.

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