Deductions in Zenefits

Payroll deductions are the mechanism by which employees pay for insurance and other benefits like 401(k), FSA, and commuter benefits.

Monthly Deductions Amounts for Insurance Coverage

Total monthly deduction amounts are determined by the contributions made by employees towards the cost of benefits. In general: Cost of Benefit - Company Contribution (if ... Learn more

Monthly Deductions Amounts for Zenefits Flex Benefits

Deductions for Flex Benefits such as 401(k), FSA, HSA, and Commuter Benefits are determined solely by the monthly contribution amounts elected by employees. The single excep... Learn more

Voluntary Life and Disability Deductions

By default, Zenefits considers voluntary life and disability deductions to be post-tax deductions. Contact Support to have these deductions classified as pre-tax. Learn more

Key Terms for Payroll

Here's glossary of key terms related to payroll. Payroll Terminology Bi-weekly: When an employee is paid every other week. On a bi-weekly pay schedule, an employee will rece... Learn more

What are Deductions and Contributions?

A Deduction is an amount paid by the employee and deducted from each paycheck. A Contribution is paid by the employer and often counts as additional pay or wages.Typically assoc... Learn more

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