Deductions for Employees Paid Weekly

Employees paid weekly (52 pay dates a year) usually have four pay dates in a month, but will have five pay dates in some months. In months with four pay dates, Zenenfits divides normal deductions for these employees evenly between all paychecks. In the months with a fifth pay date, Zenefits will calculate no ($0) normal deductions in the fifth paycheck for these employees. However, any custom deductions manually entered into Zenefits Payroll will show up in all paychecks, regardless of the number in particular month.

If required, only special deductions such as catch-ups or 401(k) contributions as a percentage of salary will be taken from paychecks for the fifth pay date of the month

  • 100% of benefits deductions in the fifth paycheck will be catch-ups.
  • 401(k) contributions as a percentage of salary are deducted from all paychecks. These deductions will always show up in every paycheck.

Learn more about how Zenefits pushes weekly deductions to payroll.

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