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How do I switch between synced payroll providers

Looking to seamlessly switch your sync to one of our supported payroll partners, ADP or Paychex?

If yes, there are two types of switches: 

  1. Sign up for a new payroll account then sync to it.
  2. Switch to another already set-up account.
To get started, click on the Pay Connect app, navigate to the Settings tab and select Provider Settings from the left tab. Be sure to set up a payroll account with either ADP or Paychex, our supported third party payroll systems. 

Whether you're syncing a new account or switching providers, please keep in mind that Zenefits does not assist with setup for the new third-party payroll accounts. This will need to be done prior to setting up your Pay Connect integration

IMPORTANT: Never cancel a current payroll account until you've confirmed that the setup with the new provider is complete. See this checklist for more information on what you need to do prior to setting up your Pay Connect integrations. 

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