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What Payroll Support will Zenefits Not Provide for Pay Connect

For Administrators and Employees

While Zenefits' Pay Connect helps companies streamline HR and payroll administration, it doesn't replace the payroll provider. Many payroll and tax-related tasks and services should still be handled through a payroll provider or tax professional. As a result, Zenefits cannot:

  • Act as a payroll provider or run payroll for any payroll provider.
  • Provide tax or legal advice.
  • Manage deductions for child support garnishments.
  • Manage deductions for coverage of benefits not managed through Ben Connect or Ben Admin. Zenefits only calculates and manages deductions for coverage and services provided through Zenefits.
  • Prorate salaries (pay an employee for hours worked instead of their normal salary).
  • Support signing bonuses, advances, commissions, or per diems. These custom compensation schemes should be set up and managed with the payroll provider.
  • Handle expense accounts or any type of stipend.
  • Determine the amounts in last paychecks, or cut checks for these employees.
  • Provide new hire reporting services.
  • Resolve or respond to tax notices, amendments, or other communications from tax agencies.

The information on this page only applies to companies using Zenefits Pay Connect; it does not apply to companies who have Zenefits Payroll as their payroll provider.

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