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Information that Zenefits Will Not Push to Payroll

Depending on which payroll provider you've selected in Zenefits Pay Connect, there are some fields that cannot be synced over. Changes to any of these fields need to be made directly in payroll.

  • Employer info such as company name, bank information, addresses, EIN, or State Tax ID.
  • Employee info such as phone number, gender, email, middle name.
  • Stipend amounts such as gym, cell phone, and travel stipends.

For most providers, Zenefits will not push:

  • Employment Status (full- or part-time)
  • Work locations defined in Zenefits
  • Workers' compensation codes
  • Departments defined in Zenefits
  • Marital Status
  • "Reports To" field (Managers as defined in Zenefits) 
  • Garnishments, such as child support
  • Job Titles as defined in Zenefits 

For more detailed information on which fields will need to be manually entered and updated, we recommend checking out the article specific to your payroll provider.

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