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Information that Zenefits Will Push to Payroll

For Administrators and Employees

Here's a list of employee information that Zenefits will push to payroll. For more specific information on new hires and synced payroll, see this guide. 

To see the information that will sync from Zenefits to Gusto, see this page.

Note: At this time, Zenefits does not sync international worker information to payroll.

More Information

See this page for an update to date list of individual fields that sync to payroll.

Basic Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • SSN

To prevent duplicate employees in Zenefits, Pay Connect Sync matches an employee's basic information from payroll into Zenefits. 

Bank and Tax Information
  • Federal Tax withholdings
  • State Tax withholdings (the tax state must already be set up in the payroll provider's system) :
    • Residence Tax State
    • Work Tax State
  • Federal Filing Status
  • State Filing Status
  • Salary or Hourly Rate
  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • Account types (checking or savings)
  • Employee contributions to medical, dental, vision, or voluntary life insurance (selected by the employee, not the employer)
  • Employee contributions to HSA, FSA, HRA, and Commuter Benefits
  • Employee contributions to 401( k )
New Hires

When a new employee is hired in Zenefits, the sync will add them to the payroll account and push their information, including deductions, bank and tax, and basic information.

For companies who sync payroll accounts with these providers, the sync will read provider-specific fields from the payroll account and make these fields available in Zenefits. Changes made to these fields in Zenefits will sync to the payroll account.


When an employee is terminated in Zenefits, the sync will mark them as terminated in the payroll account.

Zenefits syncs most changes to employee demographic, tax, deduction, and banking information.

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