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Salary Changes and Pay Connect

For Administrators and Employees

Salary changes can be set in Zenefits to take effect immediately or on a future date and will push to payroll within 1-2 business days of either date.

  • For immediate requests, the salary change will push to payroll within 1-2  business days.
  • For requests in the future, the salary change will push to payroll on the scheduled day. It's best to schedule the salary change on a day in the next pay period, since Zenefits does not prorate salary.
  • However, you can calculate the prorated earning using this formula

Zenefits does not deal with prorating salary (even if the company is synced). The admin will need to contact their payroll provider, if necessary, when changing the employee's salary. Please note a change to salary may affect any open pay period. Be sure to review your payroll closely after a change for accuracy. 

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