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ADP File Numbers for New Hires

Zenefits can assign an ADP File Number when pushing a new hire to an ADP account.

There's two ways to go about this:

  • Automatically generate file numbers in the ADP account, and have Zenefits pull a new file number from ADP when adding a new hire to payroll.
  • Manually enter a file number into the Zenefits hiring flow, and have Zenefits push the file number with the new hire.
The format of number can be the SSN, ID number, etc.
However, no two workers can have the same file number.

The File Number field is not enabled by default. Contact Support to enable the File Number field. When the field is enabled:

  • Zenefits will require a File Number for each new hire, and will not be able to push the new hire to payroll without one.
  • Changes to an existing File Number should be made in payroll. Zenefits will automatically detect the change and update the number in Zenefits.




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