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Add Unique Numbers for Paychex Organization Codes

Companies who sync a Paychex account should assign unique numbers to each of their Paychex payroll departments (called organizations in Paychex) so that Zenefits can correctly push new hires in Zenefits to payroll. If two departments have the same number, Zenefits won't be able to push the new hire automatically, and they'll need to be manually added to payroll.

Edit Organization Numbers

To edit or add a unique Paychex organization number:

  1. Log in to the company's Paychex account.
  2. In the upper lefthand corner, click the Company tab. Administrators who manage payroll for multiple companies should click on the company's name in the Company list. If the Company tab isn't visible, contact a Paychex representative to have it enabled.
  3. In the View list, click Organizations.
  4. For each organization in the list, click the edit (image) icon.
  5. In the Number field, enter a unique number and Save.

Zenefits pulls the list of organizations from Paychex, so new organizations should be added directly in Paychex.

Manually Add New Hire to Paychex

To manually add a new hire to a Paychex account:

  1. Log in to the company's Paychex account.
  2. Navigate to the People page.
  3. Click the button.
  4. Click Add an Employee and follow the steps.



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