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How do I Update Permissions for the Zenefits User in Paychex

For Administrators and Employees

Once the Paychex sync process has been initiated, a company and/or payroll administrator will need to update the Zenefits' user permissions directly in Paychex in order to complete the sync.

Before you begin syncing, make sure that the company's Paychex account is properly configured to sync with Zenefits.


Before updating our user permissions, please be sure that you have granted our user access to your payroll system.  

  1. Log in to Paychex Flex and search for Zenefits Admin, a new Zenefits user, in the People tab. If you can’t find it, try filtering by User
  2. Accept the request to grant us access to your company. 

Update Zenefits' User Permissions

1. Click on the Menu tab.

2. Go to User Access

3. Search for the Zenefits User. 

4. Select the Zenefits User. 

5. Assign the user Super Admin permission.

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