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How do I configure Paychex to sync with Zenefits

For Administrators and Employees

Before you've started the Paychex sync process, you'll need to make sure that your Paychex account is configured to support the sync.

Make sure you are an Online Client

If you run payroll and make payroll-related changes by calling or emailing Paychex, Zenefits can't access your payroll data, and the sync will not work. You can check by logging in to Paychex and clicking the People tab. If all of your employees' names have "key" icons next to them, you're not an online client.

Contact Paychex and ask to become an online payroll client. Zenefits will be able to make changes to employee and company information through the sync, and you'll be able to see these changes. However, you'll need to run payroll yourself. If you prefer to stay with your current payroll setup and keep your representative, Zenefits will not be able to sync with your payroll.

See these instructions for determining whether a company is an online client and has Employer Access Online enabled.

Make sure you have Full Company Access

Full Company Access allows a user to access and make changes to payroll information in Paychex. To ensure a successful sync, check that you can see the Company tab.

  • If you can't, you're probably not an online client. Contact Paychex and ask to become an online client, and ask them to grant Full Company Access to your user account.
  • If you can see the Company tab, but are unable to change the Zenefits user's Assigned role to Full Company Access, your user account doesn't have Full Company Access either. Contact Paychex and request it.
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