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How to set up the Paragon sync in Pay Connect

 For Administrators

First, you’ll need to contact Customer Care in order to enable the sync between Paragon and Zenefits. Once a member of the Zenefits Customer Care team has enabled the sync, you can take the following steps.

  1. Log in to your Zenefits admin account.
  2. Click Pay Connect, then Settings.
  3. Under the Provider Settings tab, add your Paragon Company ID.
  4. Under the Deduction Mapping tab, map the Zenefits deduction codes to the ones pulled in from your Paragon account.

Once these steps have been completed, your Paragon sync is ready to go.

Important Things to Note About the Paragon Integration Setup
  • Set up any departments, locations, and project codes required for labor tracking. Any combination of numbers and letters up to 10 characters is acceptable for Paragon. If labor is not being tracked, department codes don’t need to be set up.
  • Set up deductions in Zenefits before the first pay run at Paragon. This will ensure that deductions flow from Zenefits to Paragon. 
  • 401k data will not sync from Zenefits to Paragon. 401k information should be set up directly in Paragon. 
  • Set up direct deposit distribution in advance in order to have this information flow into Paragon.
  • Ensure that W4 2020 related details are updated in both systems for all workers
  • Zenefits, as your system of record, needs all info below for all workers for the integration to function:
    • Demographic information like name, address, SSN
    • Tax withholding and exemption details
    • Hiring details
    • Rate or salary
    • Worker Status (Active or Terminated)
    • Marital Status
    • Work State

While setting up your account on Paragon, please ensure that Departments, Work Locations, and Pay Schedules match exactly in the two systems.

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