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What are the general guidelines for completing the chart of accounts mapping

In order to ensure your Zenefits Payroll information is exported to your accounting software correctly, you should follow these general guidelines: 


  • All Earnings (including  S Corp) & Reimbursements = Expense account
  • All Deductions = Liability account
  • All Garnishments = Liability account - at this time Zenefits Payroll does not make payments to Garnishors so these are deducted from employee pay and then the company is required to manually pay the appropriate agency 
  • All Employer Taxes = Expense account
  • All Employee Taxes (For either Checks and Direct Deposit) = need to be mapped to a Liability or for QuickBooks Online it could be mapped to "Cash" e.g. Company Payroll Account based on how your reconciliation is done. 
  • All Employer Contributions (401( k ), Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.)  = Expense account
    - Please note the total cost for benefits will not automatically export to your accounting software. You should manually enter these amounts as you receive your invoices. 
    - Generally, it is best to enter the carrier invoice cost at the beginning of every month. Because the employer portion of benefits is not associated with any money movement in payroll, Zenefits has decided to have clients manage this outside of the accounting export from payroll processing. 


If the mapping is not set up using these guidelines the accounting export will not work correctly. 

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