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How do I add workers during Zenefits Payroll setup

For Administrators and Employees

Adding Workers

To add a worker, click Add Employee and provide the following basic employment information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Hire Date
  • Department (choose from the list of departments in Zenefits)
  • Employment Type (part-time, full-time, or temporary/intern)
  • Work Location from the list of available work locations
  • Compensation Type (hourly or salary)
  • Rate (hourly or annual)

Make sure that each worker is assigned to the correct work location in the state where they will be working. If the right location is not available in the dropdown, make sure to go back and add the location.


Current Workers with Partial Information

Employees in this list have already provided most, but not all required information in Zenefits.

  • Click Edit next to the name of an employee in this list to add what basic employment information is missing from their profile (see the list above).
  • Missing or incorrect personal information (SSN, tax, or bank routing/account numbers) must be added by employees in Zenefits.


Add Contingent Workers

If you have any contingent workers to add, you'll add them after ensuring all your employee information has been confirmed.

*You will also need to make sure that all company owners have been added to Zenefits before you can verify company ownership.

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