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How do I set up a payroll schedule in Zenefits Payroll?

For Administrators and Employees

You can add your pay schedule in Zenefits Payroll which will tell us how you'd like to pay your employees.

For instructions on setting up a particular type of pay schedule, e.g., a weekly schedule for employees who use Time & Attendance, see this page.

Required information for Setting up Pay Schedules in Zenefits Payroll
  1. Choose which employees should have this schedule: hourly employees, salaried employees, or both hourly and salaried employees.
  2. Choose a pay frequency. Many companies prefer to pay their hourly employees every week or every other week, and their salaried employees every other week or twice a month.
  3. Choose pay date(s). Depending on the pay frequency you choose, your options for actual pay dates will vary. For most frequencies, simply choose the day of the week or month. For a twice a month schedule, there are two options:
    • Leave the default option for the 15th and last day of the month, or
    • Choose other, and select the first and second monthly check dates. These dates must be at least two weeks apart.
  4. Set the weekend and holiday rule which determines how Zenefits Payroll should shift a pay date if it happens to fall on a weekend or holiday when banks are closed.

  5. Choose an Example Check Date from the list of dates pre-determined by the frequency and pay dates you've chosen. For example, for a schedule that pays employees every week on Friday, the list will contain only dates for all Fridays in the next few months.

    • The earliest available check date is always at least 14 days from the day the schedule is set up to allow for Zenefits Payroll to set up the account.

    • No check dates are available in the last month of any quarter.

  6. Choose a First Pay Period to define the number of days between the last day of each period and when employees are paid for that period. See this page for guidance on choosing the right first pay period.

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