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How does my workforce get invited to Zenefits Payroll?

For Administrators and Employees

Zenefits will send email invites to your workers if they need to provide additional information.

  • Workers who have yet to register in Zenefits will receive this email:

Subject: [Action Required] [CompanyName] is inviting you to use Zenefits Payroll

Hi [Worker],

[CompanyName] is getting your paycheck ready.
They're using Zenefits to collect the information they'll need to make sure you get paid. You'll need to provide details like your tax and banking information, home address and other information that will get you up and running with any company benefits.

  • Workers who are missing some information will receive this email.

Subject: [Action Required] To ensure your next paycheck is processed, verify your personal information

Hi [Worker],

Verify your personal info to get paid on time.

[CompanyName] is now managing its payroll through Zenefits, so you'll need to make sure all your personal information bank account details, home address and the rest is complete and up to date.
Soon you’ll be able to view and manage your pay stubs right from your dashboard. We’ll also let you know whenever you ’ve been paid.

  • Workers who have provided all required information will not receive an invitation email.

If all employees have completely onboarded, Zenefits won't need to email them.

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