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What is a signatory in Zenefits?

For Administrators and Employees

There are two different kinds of signatories in Zenefits: the company signatory and the payroll signatory. For many companies, the company and payroll signatory will be the same person. For some companies, these may be different individuals. 

The payroll signatory is responsible for signing IRS documents, making tax-related decisions, and should be an officer of the company or authorized administrator (e.g., accountant).

  • A payroll signatory who is the person setting up the account should enter their first and last name and their title.
  • If the payroll signatory isn't the person setting up the account, choose the signatory from the list of employees added to the account, and make sure to indicate their title. Zenefits will email the signatory to log in and sign forms.
  • To change the payroll signatory, please contact Customer Care.

The payroll signatory must have a Zenefits account, so even if they will not be in payroll, they must be added as an employee in Zenefits.

The company signatory is someone, usually an executive, designated to sign agreements on the company's behalf. 

  • The company signatory can be changed in the Settings of the Hiring app in Zenefits at any time.
  • This signature will be used on all your hiring documents, including offer letters, agreements, and non-exempt notices.
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