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What is basic company information in Zenefits?

Zenefits Payroll requires some basic information to start.

  • The company's name, as entered in Zenefits.
  • Legal name (as on file with the IRS), which may differ from the name used in Zenefits. Find this name on Form SS-4, Federal EIN Assignment, or on a corporate tax return such as Form 941.
  • Legal address must be a verifiable legal address. PO boxes, mailing centers (such as UPS stores), and virtual office spaces are not acceptable.
  • The (optional)DBA or trade name, the name under which the company does business.
  • The applicable NAICS code, which is broadly used to classify the type of services that the business provides. NAICS codes are self-reported and not specifically assigned to the company. Learn more, or use this lookup tool to find the appropriate code.
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