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What is the 2 or 4 day processing period

For Administrators and Employees

Zenefits Payroll's processing period, which is the 2- or 4-day  period between your payroll due date and check date, gives Zenefits Payroll enough time to verify that the funds exist in your account, debit the account and transfer funds into our clearinghouse bank, and then transfer them to your employees' bank accounts.

All companies are initially assigned a 4-day processing period. Learn more about upgrading to 2-day processing.

ACH Transaction Timing and Zenefits Payroll Processing Period

Since ACH debits (e.g., from your corporate payroll account) are usually completed on the following business day, and ACH credits (e.g., to your employees' bank accounts) can take 1-2 days, this processing period takes a minimum of two days.

Processing Periods and Late Payroll

If you run payroll late, your approval period stays the same, which means your employees will be paid late. For example, if your approval period is four days and your payroll is due on January 25th, but you submit one day later on January 26th, your employees will be paid on January 30th instead of the 29th.

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